Leverage sensor and other data sources in manufacturing

Leverage sensor and other data sources in manufacturing

Our platform works best when we integrate sensor data with other data sources such as quality control, customer feedback, and even HR data on the shifts. Quva® Flow will benefit from historical data but regardless will use sophisticated algorithms to learn over time and help you set statistical process controls. Examples of industries we focus on:

  • Specialty packaging manufacturing
  • Labels and specialty materials manufacturing
  • Batch and reel based manufacturing industries

Examples of production line types we support:

  • Plastic extrusion films on reels
  • Multilayer packaging material manufacturing
  • Hospital-grade wound care and OR solutions materials
  • Stainless tubular products
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How Does Quality Discovery Work?

In Select Sources-view, from Analysis Source box user defines needed parameters for root cause analysis: dates, production line and products to be studied.
Grouping assistance: User will see boxplots for this variable when doing selections for groups A and B.

Reels which are matching for done selections are listed in below table.
In this view user will choose reels which are in next phase used for comparison by analytics.
Group A is chosen by activating green pen and then from below dialog selecting single reel(s) by individual clicks or multiple reels by painting gesture.
In similar manner Group B is chosen with red pen.
Filter-functionality below can also be used for selecting green and red groups.
This image shows how filter can be used for example when selecting Group A to include all reels with QA_status value P1 and Group B to include reels with QA_status value P2.
In Analyse and Discover-view user has listed results of analytic calculations in order of importance.
By clicking individual results user can see measured values for that specific measurement with same sample selections, and study if it can possibly have some affect on interested phenomena.
User can pin interesting results. Pinned results will be shown on top of result listing even when moving between result pages.

Calculation result is automatically saved for later usage as own web page. This link can also be shared for example to colleague.

Quva® Flow automatically combines data from relevant data sources in the mill, automatically analyzes them, and presents the results in an easy-to-use, visual format that is approachable for mill personnel to make decisions based on the information.

Quva® Flow is especially well-suited for industrial environments with several user roles such as operators, process engineers and managers, and with myriad of underutilized data such as process automation data.

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